How to Build Your First Promoted Pin

pinterest promoted pins

With the promise of Promoted Pins upon us, Pinterest will be making several key updates to their privacy policy over the next few weeks to support the addition of conversion tracking and audience targeting. These updates, they say, will enable brands to better create images that resonate with their audiences and to understand how Promoted Pins are impacting their larger business goals. Opportunities include:

Tracking: The option to add tracking pixels to measure performance (i.e. clicks) and conversions (i.e. sales).

Targeting: The ability to share Promoted Pins with a pre-defined set of users. Pinterest is calling these identifiers a “hash,” and this is similar to custom audiences.

Although Promoted Pins have yet to launch to the greater public, Pinterest has been testing this highly anticipated feature among select brands, including GapTarget and ABC Family. If a consumer is browsing Pinterest, they might see these pins appear within search results as well as “Everything,” “Popular” and category feeds.

If Promoted Pins are on your brand’s horizon, read on for tips on how to leverage analytics to maximize pin performance – and your advertising dollars.

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Introducing Community Insights: A New Way to Analyze Where Your Pinners Are

So you think the west coast is the best coast? Prove it! Curalate’s new Community Insights tool is an important addition to our marketing platform that will enable the brands we work with to understand not only what users are pinning but also where those users are pinning from. With this information, brands can now answer the following questions around how their images are shared to Pinterest: 

Pinterest analytics

Why does this matter? For starters, Pinterest is proving to be an incredibly valuable asset across every industry and an incredibly powerful driver of on-site traffic for brands. For media giant BuzzFeed, Pinterest is the second biggest driver of traffic. If we look at social sharing for retail brands like The Container Store, the image-driven platform is sitting pretty at No. 1.

By providing information on where your pins originate (in terms of location, gender, device and source), Curalate’s Community Insights provides a new way to measure your audience and to think about your content. Your goal, however, remains the same: to reach moreand more relevantusers.

Below, we explore four ways you can start leveraging Community Insights today.

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5 Common Ecommerce Mistakes Your Team is Making

ecommerce website

There’s more than one way to achieve social success: relevant content; compelling imagery; catchy contests; inspiring campaigns. Yet while independent initiatives and “dunk in the dark” moments can get your brand noticed in the short-term, a truly powerful social strategy—one that drives long-term relevance—isn’t so black and white.

Instead of segmenting your social and digital marketing strategies, start considering ways to integrate social tactics into the context of larger ecommerce efforts. Below, we explore five common oversights made by ecommerce teams today, and how tapping into social insights and tools can help you to increase visibility and consumer advocacy – now.

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3 Lessons Learned from The Grommet’s Back-To-School Pinterest Campaign

Pinterest Marketing Campaign

What types of back-to-school knickknacks get consumers most excited this time of year? Classes are in full swing. And in a push to answer this question and capture the excitement around a new school year, The Grommet—a company that launches and helps grow “undiscovered products”—recently designed a Pinterest promotion for anyone and everyone with textbooks on the mind.

While the concept may seem straightforward, The Grommet’s timely Pinterest promotion makes use of three subtle yet strong calls to action that make it anything but elementary. Read on to learn what these CTAs are, and then use them to smarten up your own Pinterest strategy.

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New York Fashion Week Infographic: A Visual Analysis of Which Brands Rocked Instagram

New York Fashion Week Infographic

Fashion Week is no longer the exclusive, VIP experience that it once was. Today, thanks to social media, brands are choosing to make the week-long extravaganza more accessible than ever, giving their social communities an all access pass via live-streamed shows, real-time commentary, and behind-the-scenes footage once reserved for industry elite.

With more than 115,000 Instagram images shared during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015, and over 10.8MM engagements with those images, Instagram’s visual prowess proved powerful during the most recent events (September 4th to 11th, 2014). Designers weren’t the only ones that stole the show either. As Curalate found, brands that participated in peripheral ways, as well as bloggers and media personalities, were also able to join the conversation, command attention, and increase visibility among Instagram fans.

In the following infographic, we examine engagement with brands and images on Instagram during New York Fashion Week S/S 2015 – and what it means for you.

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Covetable Campaign: 4 Ways to Mirror Saks’ Sizzling User Generated Content Hub

user generated content campaign

User generated content (UGC) takes center stage with the launch of Saks Fifth Avenue’s #SaksStyle hub, an online gallery of shoppable images submitted by the iconic brand’s legion of fashion forward fans. The campaign, which leverages socially-driven user-generated images to enhance the e-commerce environment, not only invites customers to engage with the brand visually and publicly, but also enables Saks to celebrate their fans and demonstrate real-world uses of the luxury products that line their shelves.


Here, we look at four components of Saks’ user generated content campaign that set the #SaksStyle hub apart.

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10 Reasons Why User Generated Content Belongs On Your Site

user generated content on my website

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting a webinar alongside guest speaker Moira Gregonis, Senior Marketing Manager at Urban Outfitters. During our discussion, we learned not only what inspired one of social’s most successful brands to bring user generated content onto their website, but also how leveraging fans’ images across their digital channels is impacting this multinational brand.

In case you missed it, you can find 10 key takeaways from our user generated content webinar with Urban Outfitters below. To review an updated and enhanced version of our presentation, scroll to the bottom and browse the deck in full.

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Introducing Like2Buy, Instagram’s Missing Link

Generate Revenue with Instagram

Instagram is driving tremendous engagement with brands
nearly 60x more engagement per follower than Facebook and 140x more than Twitter. And to capture this engagement, marketing teams are increasingly shifting their focus (and their dollars) toward making this community profitable.

Instagram poses two monetization opportunities – the photos your fans take and the photos your brand takes. Curalate’s Fanreel product gave brands the ability to drive revenue from fan photos and has enabled brands to increase order values and conversion rates. Today, Curalate introduced Like2Buy to generate revenue from the other side of this visual coin – the photos your brand posts to Instagram. With Like2Buy, brands can go from Instagram to revenue in 60 seconds—without ever needing to touch ecommerce—all in an environment that puts the customer experience first. Read on to discover how Like2Buy will change your relationship with Instagram.

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Using #Yes! Tags: 4 Easy Steps to Managing UGC Rights


In an age when consumers are willing to communicate with their favorite brands by sharing images on the visual web (selfies to show off new shades, sunsets to cap off a relaxing day at a resort), the question of ownership has left even the most progressive marketers asking: How do we source our fans’ photos in a scalable, legal way?

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4 Creative Ways Brands Are Leveraging UGC


Summer may be on its way out, but as we predicted at the start of the season, user generated content is just heating up. With an average of 60 million images uploaded to Instagram daily (which is currently generating an average of 1.6 billion daily likes), UGC is among the hottest – not to mention most scalable – ways for marketers to showcase products, celebrate fans and drive revenue on the visual web today. So, what are you waiting for?

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