Pinterest Contests Are Broken. Curalate Fixes Them.

Brands of all sizes are clamoring to run Pinterest promotions in order to build brand awareness and drive significant traffic. The problem: Pinterest promotions are broken. They require too much from consumers and, as a result, consumers don’t participate. With, Promote, our newest feature, Curalate has fixed Pinterest promotions, enabling you to create branded, frictionless contests that drive engagement and provide measurable results. Curalate-powered promotions can live on Facebook, your website, a blog, or multiple places at once. Engage your fan base where they are and grow your Pinterest presence dramatically!

Beta clients have launched promotions that have attracted more than 250,000 entrants, generated over 30 Million Pinterest impressions, and driven as much as a 700% increase in Pinterest referral traffic. Promotion results are automatically integrated into the Curalate dashboard, saving you dozens of hours and providing the most accurate way to track your Pinterest contests.

Last month, the world’s largest cruise operator, Carnival Cruise Lines, used Promote to launch one of the most successful Pinterest contests of all-time. The results, seen below, were tremendous. Ready to take advantage of Pinterest’s purchasing power for the upcoming Holiday Season? Contact our Brand Strategy team now to learn how Promote can help you maximize engagement, generate earned media, and significantly grow referral traffic.